$170/month including a $10 model fee

All classes are open to students who want to paint (acrylic or oil) or draw (graphite, charcoal and conté).  Classes are structured to accommodate students of all levels.  In all classes,  I assign projects to those who want them and work one-on-one in all classes with students who want to pursue their own ideas.  Most students work in oil paint but students can work in acrylic and other media as well.  Group critiques occur every few weeks but there is a lot of creative exchange between students during class time as well. 

We trwork from the model once a month.  Students may opt out of painting the model if they wish but the $10 model fee is a required part of the course.  This ensures that people who want to paint from the model, which is usually everyone, will have the chance to do so. 

Classes are offered at the following times:

Mondays: 6:30-9pm
Wednesdays: 1-3:30pm
Wednesdays: 6:30-9pm
Saturdays: 10am - 12:30pm

Payment is made and students enroll on a monthly basis.  This allows students to take time off if they need to and return when they wish.  There are some students who have been studying with me for a long time while others stay for a few months to prepare a portfolio or get some needed temporary guidance.  Some take a month off in the summer and then return.  The structure is intentionally flexible to allow for the individual needs of adult students.

A minimum of three students is needed for the course to run.