“Suzanne is respectful of each student and created a group by gently including each person.  The classes often end with a critique of each others’ work.  This can only be done in an atmosphere of trust and Suzanne demonstrated her skill in creating that.  She gives insightful input, often pulling out an example from her large collection of books to illustrate what she means.  This is one of the many advantages of taking the lesson in her spacious, wonderful studio.  There is space, light, easels, work tables and stools.   Huge white walls serve to hang pictures for the critique time.  I have to say, without Suzanne’s encouragement, I’m sure I would have left my brushes to dry and given up.”
Vera Lasser

“Suzanne is an exceptional teacher.  Her critiques are as full of personal care and concern as they are of aesthetic and technical insight.  Under Suzanne’s teaching, I have seen my work move forward in unexpected and exciting ways.  While always gentle, her feedback is direct and focused, pushing and challenging us to not settle for what is easy, trite and expected.  When I step back and look, It seems that she has helped me to begin to discover my own voice as an artist.  She has managed to create a safe environment for students to analyze and critique each others’ work in an honest, caring and respectful manner.

-Gail Winbury

Suzanne taught me techniques and a the same time left room for self-realization.  She also provided guidance and encouraged me to work independently.  Suzanne was quite demanding in assignments; however, I really enjoyed doing them and I noticed that I made solid progress every time I finished an assignment.  Suzanne’s well-balanced teaching method has been working very well for me.

-Cecil Pang